The Dark Eye – Demonicon

December 9, 2014

Bundle Stars’ Killer Bundle is actually rather good

There are so many bundles out there, I try not to report on them unless they’re pretty damn good or hilariously bad. And, well, Bundle Stars’ Killer Bundle is the former. It’ll cost you €4.99…

October 10, 2013

The Dark Eye: Demonicon Preview

Peter Parrish: We don’t tend to do many ‘hands-off’ previews here at IncGamers. Primarily that’s down to the costs and wasted travel time involved in going to distant events where you’re not even able to…

July 24, 2013

The Dark Eye – Demonicon gets release date

Kalypso revealed way back in 2011 that they had acquired the publishing right to Noumena Studios’ ARPG The Dark Eye – Demonicon, and today they have finally announced a rough release date. Set in the The Dark Eye…