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The Elder Scrolls Online devs explain group play in new video

The Elder Scrolls Online

A new video for The Elder Scrolls Online addresses the topic of group play in the upcoming MMO.

On hand in this latest video is creative director Paul Sage, lead gameplay designer Nick Konkle, and dungeon lead Dan Grenshaw. Their job in this visual feast is to explain and show how they plan on encouraging players to group together for challenges. Watch as buttons are clicked and spell explode in typical MMO fashion.

If you want to know more you can always head to the official website.

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  • sorudo

    the biggest problem with this game is that sneaking is completely useless, ether bloodthirsty warriors ruin it or a team member has no sneak skill at all.

    • DavidTheSlayer

      Whilst I didn’t get to do any party play during the beta, I can see how that can be a problem.