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The Evil Within gets another new release date

The Evil Within - 02

This is what happened to the last game released in a busy October.

Originally due in August and then moved to October, Tango Gameworks’ survival horror title The Evil Within is now … still due in October. It’s a bit earlier in October now, though. 14 October (in the US,) rather than the week afterwards.

The previous October date had put The Evil Within directly up against Battlefield: Hardline, Civilization: Beyond Earth, Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Evolve. So you can see why it might have been attractive to move that date a bit earlier. Now, it’ll mostly be up against Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Although still not a million miles away from Battlefield, Civ and the rest.

I’m not an ingenious videogames marketing smarty man, but maybe leaving it in August might have been a better idea. Unless, of course, that extra time is crucial for finishing the game. In which case maybe delay it until December or something, I don’t know.

They haven’t done any of that though, so The Evil Within will be available on 14 October (US) and 17 October (Europe).


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