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The Flock brings asymmetrical gameplay to PC Gamers

Indie developer Vogelsap has revealed The Flock which they describe as “a new intense asymmetrical PC multiplayer” experience.

The game is set in the year 3000 in a “grim future earth”, and to describe it in simple terms, players need to capture the solar capsule from a “carrier” who has to survive with the capsule for as long as possible ┬áto win. The Flock meanwhile are hunting the carrier to capture the capsule and then in turn become the carrier.

The Flock are more agile than the carrier giving them an advantage but the carrier can use the capsule to spot other players who are “burned to death” if spotted. It’s a game of cat and mouse with the majority of players hiding in the shadows to avoid detection and the carrier using light to dispose of them. As the Vogelsap say, hunt or be hunted.

A teaser trailer has been released which explains the gameplay and how the team have approached the design. It’s a very nice idea and so far it’s looking like quite a tasty indie title.


The Flock

The Flock

The Flock

The Flock

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