The War Z celebrates Halloween with new content

It’s time for the zombie survival title The War Z to get in the Halloween spirit with the announcement of game updates prior to unrestricted access to the game opening up tomorrow.

The game update will include :

  • New Characters – new playable characters
  • New Zombies – new zombie models
  • New Playable Area – entirely new section of game world opened up, including new large cities – effectively doubling the current map size
  • Special Themed Items – players will have access to special, Halloween-themed items in the game marketplace

Hammerpoint are also “reintroducing”  the game’s “Legend” package until Sunday 4 Novembner. The package was apparently “sold out” and will be available for $54.99. Not sure how a downloadable game sells out, but there you go.

The package includes:

  • Full Game Access
  • $30 of in-game currency
  • Six-months of “stronghold” server hosting
  • Special player recognition in-game and on forums

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  • i have seen what this game is all about, it’s currently more a free for all deathmatch then a survival game.
    they should really make a flag system in it, that way ppl who like PvP can shoot each other and players who like PvE more don’t have to worry about annoying players who love to kill on sight.