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There’s probably a Syndicate Wars Kickstarter coming in June

There’s probably a Syndicate Wars Kickstarter coming in June

Satellite Reign

A Kickstarter teaser trailer dug up (or possibly ‘sent to’) RockPaperShotgun heavily implies that a Syndicate Wars remake/reboot/reimagining will go under the crowdfunding gaze next month.

There’s not a great deal in the video, but the clues are as follows: 1996, a Bullfrog release and a ‘gloomy city at night’ vibe. Since that doesn’t sound like Genewars, that leaves Mike Diskett and Syndicate Wars (follow-up to the original Syndicate) as the likely candidates. I’d have to take issue with Syndicate Wars being described as a “masterpiece” though. Sorry, game.

It was pretty damn good though, and a rebootimagining (I just made that term up) would provide ample opportunity to iron out the mistakes of the original game. By the looks of it, it’ll be called Satellite Reign.

Here’s the teaser, and the countdown website.


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  1. avatar Tim McDonald | May 20, 2013 at 8:38 pm |


  2. avatar Peter Parrish | May 21, 2013 at 3:41 am |

    That’s just mean, Tim 🙁

    Anyway, it says right in the trailer that this will “redefine the genre” (the genre of Syndicate Wars?) which is definitely not just empty phraseology.

  3. the masterpeace of bullfrog was and still is dungeon keeper, no ammount of BS can say otherwise.

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