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These SimCity screens are a disaster (in a good way)

Maxis has played god and issued some natural (and one not-so-natural) disasters upon the poor, unsuspecting citizens of the new SimCity. In these new screenshots you can see a tornado, earthquake, meteor shower and a dastardly UFO all making their best efforts to raze buildings to the ground.

Pretty alarming stuff. All we need now is confirmation of a Godzilla-like attack to add to the disasters list.

SimCity is coming to the PC next year.


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  1. avatar Neal Foster | October 15, 2012 at 5:41 pm |

    This is great! Developers listening to their fans and responding with a new improved Sim City game that hasn’t removed any of the best bits that made the original game fun – Spending hours building a city and then destroying it in 5 minutes with a meteor shower!

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