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Thief 4 Trailer sneaks out earlier than expected

Earlier than expected, the Thief 4 trailer leaked its way onto the Intertubes this evening with more sneak-em-up action from Eidos

Thief 4 is due for release next year on the PC and next-gen consoles.

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  • nasarius

    The trailer says nothing useful, but the fact that it’s not being released on current-gen consoles is very interesting. It means prettier graphics and maybe, just maybe, some hope for the return of larger levels.

  • Tim McDonald

    Yeah, I picked up on the same thing. The lack of current gen may also be down to dates, though – to me, that implies late 2014 at the earliest, and that’s if they stick to the rather large 2014 release window they currently have. I can’t say I’m expecting it to be a major console pusher, which makes me suspect it’s either too expensive to also work on 360/PS3 versions, or it’s going to be late enough that there’s little point in bothering. (Although the engine/level design making it impossible for current consoles is also a possibility, obviously, as you pointed out.)

    The trailer also shows that we don’t have Stephen Russell voicing Garrett, which is just all kinds of sad.