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Titanfall beta applications now being taken, begins 14 February


I bet squatting like that is hell on the quads.

An application page for the Titanfall beta is now up, so anybody interested in getting an early look at Respawn’s upcoming multiplayer shooter should probably head over there and pop their name down.

To express an interest in the PC beta, press the big PC button on that site and follow the additional instructions. This is a contemporary EA game, so an Origin account will be required too. Remember, it’s not an open beta, so signing up doesn’t guarantee a place.

It says you also have to sign up to a Titanfall newsletter to be eligible, but it’s not entirely clear where you do this. Possibly because the application process is getting hammered right now and doesn’t seem to be functioning quite right (my attempts to sign up for the PC put me in a permanent Origin log-in loop.)

According to the trailer that accompanies this application page, the beta will begin on 14 February. It’ll presumably run until at least 18 February, as the sign-up site says people selected for beta will be contacted no later than just before midnight on the seventeenth.

Update: An EA press release says the beta will have three game modes in it; Attrition, Hardpoint Domination and Last Titan Standing. Attrition is a team deathmatch type affair, Hardpoint Domination a capture-and-hold-points thing and Last Titan Standing gives everybody on each team a titan, with the winning team being … well, the clue is in the name.

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  • Bill Wang

    I can’t find the newsletter anywhere????

    • Peter Parrish

      I’m not too sure what that’s about either, other than it says “To register for the Titanfall Beta you must subscribe to the Titanfall newsletter.” on the page.

      Testing out the PC sign-up just put me in a perpetual Origin login loop, so I think it’s having some issues right now. It may be that by signing up (with your Origin email etc) will automatically subscribe you to the newsletter .. or maybe that option comes later when it’s not broken. I’m not sure, sorry!

  • Lazerbeak

    I managed it, though I felt a wave of horror when I saw the Origin Logo

  • Sparky Lawrence

    I am really looking forward to playing this beta or the final game, whichever comes my way first.

  • ITsniper

    Origin! Damn, we are in for a world of hurt. Well there goes my smooth multyplayer experience. Guess I won’t be getting that game after all.

  • domenico parise

    please send a paesano the best game ever thanks,
    titanfall i really hope that i enjoy much more than bf4 because i didnt like

  • Lazerbeak

    FFS I got my Beta key shame its for the fucking XBox One

  • Lazerbeak

    Sweet they have switched me to PC
    Downloading now

  • Lazerbeak

    First Impressions (sorry can’t edit previous posts), LOOOOOG tutorial XBOX 360 Graphics