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Titanfall DLC going on an Expedition tomorrow

Titanfall Expedition

Runoff is probably the least visually interesting of the maps, but considering how much fun all of the base game’s maps were, I’m sure it’ll be phenomenally well designed.

Titanfall‘s Expedition DLC is due to hit tomorrow, and there’s a new trailer showing off what it includes.

Expedition adds three new maps to the traversal-focused multiplayer shooter. Swampland offers a big swamp full of gigantic trees, which the particularly agile player can wallrun between. Runoff is a massive industrial complex split across a number of vertical levels, with battles raging from the lower drainage canals all the way up to sky-high passages. Finally, Wargames offers a virtual TRON-like environment with lots of narrow corridors and transparent wallrunning paths.

Expedition will hit Titanfall tomorrow for £7.99, although it’s also available as part of the £19.99 Season Pass.

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