Titanfall pre-orders will be $60 USD, even on PC


Hi there, reader. Are you someone who likes to spend a lot of money on videogames before you even really know much about them? Then you are EA’s favourite person, because it means you might actually spend $60.00 USD on Respawn’s multiplayer shooter with robo-exoskeletons, Titanfall.

It’s true that the game is so far away from release that it appears to still be using placeholder box-art, and yes, some may question the sanity of plopping down $60 for a game we know almost nothing about at this stage; but just trust to luck and throw your money EA’s way. Basing purchasing decisions on almost ten minutes of footage from E3 is your right as a player of videogames – so go nuts!

For once, there don’t seem to be any specific bonus trinkets associated with pre-ordering this expensive, multi-player only title through EA. Maybe they’ll show up later.

Still, at least it’s definitely coming to the PC. Unlike certain games we could mention.

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  • Rushster

    You have to admit that $60 is pretty expensive for this. Pre-orders will flood in though because its the best looking thing on the Xbone.

  • datdude

    Hahahahahah..Ea knows they have dumb xbots on the hook…good luck with your sixty dollar multiplayer only mech cod simulator.

  • Tim McDonald

    Well, these are pre-orders on Origin, otherwise known as The Most Offensively Expensive Digital Distribution Service In The World. Weren’t Mass Effect 3 pre-orders around the same price? And SimCity was offensively expensive too, if I recall…

    We’ll have to see the console pricing, I guess, and see how the PC boxed copy prices shake out from there. I’m faintly amazed anyone actually bothers to use Origin to pre-order things.

  • DavidTheSlayer

    Haarrgghh… rraagghh… ugghhh… oraoraora….(pants), nope…nothing, no gold coins from me, how about you guys?

    captcha: make it so

  • sorudo

    heh, it’s always €50,-, anything higher and we expect a deluxe edition.
    it’s also a multiplayer-only game so that already shows that it’s allot higher then any other multiplayer game on the market, there are even F2P games just like it and you don’t need a powerhouse PC just to run the damn game.
    pathetic really, anyone foolish to buy this at all has no money mannagement skills.


    I am here because I actually saw this at PAX and it was amazing. It was the only thing there that really blew me away. Something about the graphics detail or the depth or the environments, but it has me hooked. Switching between the ground troop to piloting a mech seems to have you playing a game on two different levels. It felt fighting bosses in Lost Planet, then you can jump in and be a one of the bosses.

    I may pre-order it, for PC, once there is a set date on release. They were saying Spring 2014 at the show

    (I am sure I just jinxed it. Every game I look forward to turns out to be crap….)

  • Kei

    The market for this game (CoD) doesn’t care about single player. Who do you know that purchases a CoD game for the Single Player?

    No one.