Total War: Rome 2 beta patch 3 updated with alt tab fix

total war rome 2

This patch will not fix a problem with co-op players vandalising the campaign map.

It’s not quite the major patching news you’ve perhaps become accustomed to of late, but Creative Assembly has today informed players that there’s a small update to the latest Total War: Rome 2 beta patch. Yes, in effect there is a patch for the patch. That’s PC gaming, folks!

Beta patch 3 for Rome 2 was made available on Steam last week, and had an issue that caused problems when alt-tabbing out of the game (it would change the resolution.) That should no longer be the case, so feel free to go nuts and alt-tab to your desktop like crazy.

In addition, the developer say improvements have been made to the stuttering/pausing when using the “zoom to location” button on the campaign map. A reminder, if you want to opt in to this latest beta patch, you should right-click on Rome 2 in your Steam games list, find ‘properties,’ select the ‘betas’ tab and then select ‘patch 3 beta’ from the drop-down menu in there. It should then download automatically. If you’ve already got the third beta patch it’ll update automatically anyway, so there’s no need to do anything.

Patch 3 should be released in ‘official’ (ie; not beta) form fairly soon, although Creative Assembly hasn’t said precisely when. That will be followed by a fourth beta patch with (one assumes) even more fancy fixes in it.

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  • Paul

    “Yes, in effect there is a patch for the patch. That’s PC gaming, folks!”
    Do you not understand what beta means? Way to make yourself look like a complete moron…

    • P

      Pretty much this. Furthermore he is normalising what is a terrible business practice for the average consumer: releasing a game that is still in beta… even though anyone in the know understands that TWR:2 is more in alpha than beta. (no politics, bugs bugs bugs, no balancing inbattle and on campaign).


  • Peter Parrish

    Paul is that you under an alt account?

  • Dyl;an

    Article so uninformed. The problem was that WHEN you alt-tabbed, it would change your resolution. It wasn’t two unrelated actions that caused ‘some problems’. Paul is also correct. The patch was applied automatically to the beta. This article actually confused me and I thought I had to apply another patch manually, yet it was automatic.

    • Peter Parrish

      Fair point about the update being automatically applied if you’re already opted in to beta patch 3; that bit should be clear now.

      I’m … not really sure where you’re getting the ‘two unrelated actions’ bit from, but it wasn’t really my intention to give that impression. I’ve changed “an issue that caused problems when alt-tabbing out of the game and changing the resolution” to what it says now, in case that needed making more obvious.

  • RB


    The way your original (and now-corrected statement) was written indicated it was the user who was changing the resolution – ergo, two unrelated actions (the alt-tabbing and the resolution change.) In the original statement, you assumed the agency of the player with the first verb to show a problem (alt-tabbing) but did not indicate a change in agency when you used a second verb (changing) so there’s no way to tell if the second action was the result of the act of alt-tabbing (which is what you intended it to mean) or if it was the result of the player’s action.

    In fact, your original sentence indicates a problem occurs only when a player alt-tabs AND changes the resolution.



    • Peter Parrish

      You’re right – should be clear now đŸ™‚