Total War Rome 2 Steam crashing, campaign lag and desync. Tried these fixes?

Total War Rome II (5)

It’s been a busy 24 hours for Creative Assembly following the launch of  Total War Rome 2, the support forums have been going busy with gamers trying to help each other out and CA has offered up some further advice.

There are a couple of notes  for common issues that have been posted by CA worth reading, assuming you are experiencing these of course.

If you have the pre-load issue with Steam crashing problem, they suggest you try this:

To solve your issue please follow this step by step solution:

  • Launch steam
  • Right click on Total War: ROME II
  • Select properties
  • Select BETAS tab
  • Enter the following code: kdhf83hd7jf8
  • Pick from the dropdown list: launcher_dll_test_fix

Next up is the lag on the battle and campaigns maps and there are numerous suggested fixes listed depending on your hardware configurations (too many to post here). Of course chances are these may not work for you but they are worth a shot until more permanent fixes appear.

There are still problems such as the co-op desync issue and slow AI turns but there appears to be no solution for these right now.

It’s not been the best game launch so far but hopefully many of the technical issues will get sorted out in the coming days. If you have any tips for others do share them in the comments below too, it really helps out your fellow gamers.

We’ll be discussing all this in today’s podcast which will go live at 9:30AM GMT. Watch out for that.

Update: Patch is incoming Friday!

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  • Deepak

    Try out the solutions mentioned in this guide.

    Total War Rome II fix for crash, freezing, low fps, black screen, no sound etc: forums.techytohelp.com/index.php?topic=2217

  • Kodes

    I think I’ll just give it until the first patch now, it’s so far had about a ‘good’ launch as the latest Sim City 😛

  • J

    It will be sorted and will be an incredible game. Empire total war was a lot worse than this and it ended up being a great game. Give it 2 weeks and it will be in much better condition. All games need some patching during the first couple of weeks of their release.

  • adundeemonkey

    Of course it was always too much to ask them to have this sorted before launch? We are not talking about subtle crash problems here. These are fundamental problems that they must have known about before launch.

    • jdude

      Not really, it is not easy to tell how each computer will handle a game. It is hard to tell how the interaction between steam and the users will be. A game as large as total war is going to have bugs. Most triple A do. Total war games are known for having a lot of bugs as well because of how large in scale they are. Having thousands of characters fighting each other at a time is a lot of code for bugs to be hidden in.

  • mkk

    With Creative Assembly it’s normally more like two months than two weeks before significant issues are adressed. I have no doubt this will become and enjoyable game, but not soon.

  • alex

    I cannot for the life of me get this game to recognise and play on my amd graphics card. It’s sitting right there, doing chuff all as the little intel hd card is burning up. I’ve gone through all the recommended fixes and nothing. Apparently switchable graphics aren’t a winner for total war games…..not the kind of thing I thought to check before buying the game.

    • DavidTheSlayer

      Could be a shader model issue with what sounds like a shared memory graphics card?

  • cas

    for those of you who have laptop video cards that arent being recognized,
    go to C:UsersAppDataRoamingThe Creative AssemblyRome2scripts

    open a file called preferences.script, and scroll down to the 39th line.

    It will say
    gfx_gpu Intel (R) 4000 ; # gfx_gpu , The GPU description #

    Change the Intel (r) 4000 to your card’s name within the quotes.

    To do so go to device manager and check how youre video card is named.
    Here is how mine would look like after the change.
    gfx_gpu NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670M ;

    Also the 18th line determines if you want directx 11 or not. Experiment with true and false values in that line. See if directx 9 or 11 is better for you.

    Thank me later.