Total War: Rome II

September 24, 2013

Total War: Rome 2 beta patch 3 updated with alt tab fix

It’s not quite the major patching news you’ve perhaps become accustomed to of late, but Creative Assembly has today informed players that there’s a small update to the latest Total War: Rome 2 beta patch….

September 20, 2013

Total War: Rome 2 patch 3 beta released with all new fixes

Creative Assembly’s imperial task of patching up Total War: Rome 2 continues apace with another major patch entering beta today. Patch 3 can be downloaded through Steam by right-clicking on Rome 2 in your games…

September 17, 2013

Total War: Rome 2 final Patch 2 released

After a few days in beta test status, Creative Assembly has now released the final version of the Total War: Rome 2 patch 2. This patch has been released to tackle the woeful performance issues with…

Total War: Rome 2 Review

Like one of the multitude of tiny factions spread across its vast campaign map, Total War: Rome 2 has found itself assailed on all sides by rampaging technical problems, militant tribes of AI issues and…

September 6, 2013

Total War Rome 2 Patch 1 now live – Patch 2 beta on Monday

The news just in from creative Assembly is that Total War Rome 2 Patch 1 is now live following yesterday’s beta release. According to the update from Creative Asssembly: “At Creative Assembly we are working flat…