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Tribes Ascend accelerates weapon unlocks in next update

There’s no doubt that Tribes: Ascend is a cracking FPS, and it’s free to play which is an added bonus, but one of the main criticisms is the speed of the unlocks on weapons.

Hi-Rez Studios are about to make some changes in the next game update which increase the speed at which weapons unlock  to lessen the grind. 27 new weapons are also being added to the pool and there’s the dev team have decided that some weapon balance tuning was needed. Finally, two new Capture & Hold maps are also being added to the game.

Hi-Rez co-founder Todd Harris explains the changes in this video for the ‘Accelerate‘ update.


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  1. T:A is pretty good, though I would say you’re better off spending $10 or $30 on it, as free-to-play doesn’t get you XP quite as quickly. Try it out for free, but then support the developers if you really like it.

    If anyone feels like trying it, feel free to use my referral link:

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