Tyresome tease: F1 2013 to be unveiled tomorrow by Codemasters

F1 2013

A proper news story is happening tomorrow and because we know about this in advance we need to turn it into a less proper news story today. Yes, as the headline indicates, Codemasters has been hinting very strongly towards proper details about F1 2013 being released tomorrow. The above picture was spotted on the developer’s Facebook page by Neogaf, along with the not especially cryptic word “Tomorrow.”

That means one of the following things:

  • Details about F1 2013 will be released tomorrow.
  • Information about a special iOS version of F1 2013 will be distributed tomorrow (nooooo.)
  • Tomorrow, Codemasters will continue to add copies of F1 2013 to that stack and maybe take another photo of it.

It’s probably going to be that first thing, right?

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  • Tim McDonald

    If this turns out to be another iOS game, you’re completely forbidden from writing any news stories about any pre-announcement announcements. I mean, this sort of thing is complete bullshit anyway. If they turn out to be complete bullshit about an iOS version, then it’s even worse.

    And yes, I know I have absolutely no power to stop you writing stories. Not the point.