Ubisoft and Nvidia to cuddle up on Far Cry 4, The Division, more

the division

Nvidia’s new CarColouring™ Tech means cars can now be yellower than ever.

Ahh, the adorable sights of two companies in love. Nvidia and Ubisoft have both found their “one” and have reaffirmed their corporate marriage vows for the foreseeable future. That means working together to bring special Nvidia PC features to Far Cry 4, The Crew, The Division and Assassin’s Creed: Unity.

They did the same for Watch Dogs and that turned out brilliantly on PC. Well … it turned out on PC, anyway. I have no idea if it’s Nvidia’s optional extras that are to blame with the performance issues people are still reporting. General optimisation is probably more likely to be the culprit.

Anyway, this all means you can expect Nvidia’s suite of “GameWorks” on most of Ubisoft’s upcoming big-budget titles. That means: “TXAA antialiasing, soft shadows, HBAO+ (horizon-based ambient occlusion), advanced DX11 tessellation, and Nvidia PhysX technology.”

“We look forward to continuing our partnership with Nvidia on our biggest upcoming titles,” says Ubisoft’s Geoffroy Sardin, fluttering his eyelashes.

“We’re excited to continue our long-term partnership with Ubisoft in bringing our latest PC technology to their games,” Nvidia’s Tony Tamasi coos back.

As an AMD card owner who likes to play Ubisoft games at 60fps where possible, I could obviously not be more delighted about this beautiful union and am not bitter at all. Oh well, I’ll always have lovely TressFX …

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  • datarape

    There have been some impressive looking videos of ‘The Division’
    I hope it doesn’t suffer the Watch_Dogs syndrome & still look as good when it’s finally released.

  • I’m a nVidia user and I think this collaboration stinks because it distorts competition. We already see how this is negatively affecting AMD users for Watch_Dogs, as reports have cropped up that it takes a top end Radeon to match the performance of mid-range GeForce cards (one such prominent report is via a Forbes contributor). With this news, Ubisoft has basically told AMD owners to expect all of Ubisoft’s games this generation to run like crap because they’re going to be optimized for “Gameworks”.

  • Deviate

    Good thing. Competition is good, but it should be on a level playingfield. Competing on softwarebased mumbo jumbo doesn’t benefit the customers.

    Tip: setting uplay to offline helps heaps in reducing stuttering in watch_dogs. At least it did for me on an i7 2600k @ 4.8, msi gtx770 lightning 2gb. Ultra is even playable, allthough it seems sloppy vram management causes stuttering after about 10 minutes of gameplay. On high textures and everything else maxed out, no problems anymore whatsoever!

  • lazerbeak

    this whole corporate partnership shit between GPU makers and game developers is a load of bullshit, game developers should put equal effort in both manufacturers