Valve adds manual credit card verification on Steam


Valve has tweaked their credfit card system which should make life easier for CC users.

Just revealed today, Valve have added a system so users can manually verify credit cards when adding a new credit card to add wallet funds.  There was previously a week long restriction when accessing the Community Market after adding a credit card which was not exactly ideal.

There’s now a card verification page  to help in the process. In case you were wondering, this only applies to credit cards and no other payment methods such as PayPal.

With this change having just been pushed live could it be an indication that the Steam Summer Sale is about to kick off? It should be with us in a matter of days if our predictions are right.

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  • Hahajin

    Hi. I just verified today with the two amounts they charged my bank account. Will they refund the amounts back once verified? If not, where does it end up? Thanks,

  • lazerbeak

    yes paypal uses the same procedure

  • Hahajin

    Thanks, Lazerbeak. I haven’t seen the refund yet but it still says “processing” (vs. charged or debited) so maybe they are still working in it. Will wait and see. Thx much!