Valve succesfully trolls Dota 2 community over Diretide

dota 2 diretide full

Update 8/11/2013: Valve have told the community what’s going on with Diretide.

Update 3/11/2013: Community responds to Diretide 

Valve seems to have a general corporate policy of not actually talking to the community or letting anybody know what’s happening. Today, that was used to full effect to annoy lots of Dota 2 players.

Last year – when Dota 2 was in beta – it had a Halloween event, called Diretide, which offered a new game mode that had Roshan roaming the map in search of candy. For some reason, people assumed that this would be an annual event (possibly because Team Fortress 2‘s Halloween event was annual, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive got some Halloween bits and bobs this year too) and eagerly awaited its reappearance.

This did not happen on 29 October, when Scream Fortress launched. It didn’t happen yesterday, on Halloween itself. So maybe it’d happen today? Hopes were raised when Dota 2 started downloading a 73MB patch… which turned out to contain hats. I’m not sure they could’ve annoyed the community more perfectly if they’d tried.

In fairness, Valve never said that Diretide would happen this year. On the other hand, their general insistence in not giving the community any idea of what’s coming up, what they’re working on, and what may or may not happen is starting to take its toll, particularly when said community is given hat after hat after hat rather than the heroes/events/fixes that are actually desired.

But hey! Hats. That’s what we all really want, right?

Update: As ten million of you have commented, Valve did indeed describe Diretide as an annual event.

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  • sad22

    gg very quick article on whats happening o.o

  • uglykidjoe

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  • lavindota

    When i update the 73mb patch today… it shows error can’t download blablabla… 🙁 how can i fix this

  • disappointed

    “I’m not sure they could’ve annoyed the community more perfectly if they’d tried.” Agreed! I really don’t get it, one simple statement a week ago would have dispelled the majority of this frustration. I’m pissed off, not that there wasn’t a diretide mode but that no one at valve thought the community was worth a quick communication. The game may be free but many of us spend a lot of money supporting it of our own volition. Starting to feel used and abused.

  • taco31031

    It was initially announced as an annual event, article is a bit misleading.

    If someone has screenshots of dire


    >The most ominous event of Diretide is the annual suspension of Roshan’s enchantment.

    • FoxCharge

      Yeah, exactly. This entire article is ignoring the fact that the 2012 article was deemed the first “annual” Halloween event for Dota 2.

      I guess research is hard for some people.

  • Nyuu

    Yeah fagot, because in the lore from dire tide it doesn’t says “Anual” when it tells about roshan’s story.


  • Jaco

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  • isandri

    Hey, the author of this shitty article, yes shitty because you didn’t do any research, Valve SAID it would be annual, just read their blog. I would like a refutation
    there you are:
    “The most ominous event of Diretide is the annual suspension of Roshan’s enchantment. Freed from his fearful den, he is compelled to wander in search of the one food that can satisfy his infernal craving: Greevil Taffy!” source: http://www.dota2.com/diretide/?l=english

    • Samurai Turtle

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  • mofo

    Good old report without any research. It was quite clear announced as an annual event. If you have any self respect publish a correction.

  • Volvo fix plz

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  • James

    Bunch of spoiled, self entitled brats.

    Valve doesn’t owe you anything. They don’t have to explain to you why there is no seasonal update. You are playing a COMPLETELY FREE game and it’s time you no life, virgin, losers just get lost. Go get yourself a decent education, find a job, a girl, and do something besides jerking off and bitching on forums.

    • Volvo plz

      Yes they do, without us playing, dota2 won’t be as for today, and after earning millions from the compendium, its fair enough that valve give something back to the community.

  • James

    They are calling the community managers personal phone and threatening him and his family. ANYONE defending these no life losers are part of said group. I hope he calls the police on you stupid shameless fucks. Why dont you morons do the world a favor and hang yourselves.

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  • Quan

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    • Six Samurai Without Gates OMG JIJAS

      hats = cosmetic items

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  • aeronar22