Viking Barbara joins Rayman Legends cast [Video]

With its surreal visual flair and a multitude of character designs, it’s hard to imagine what the Rayman series might have been missing. According to the forthcoming Rayman Legends, the answer to that quandary is a playable redheaded viking warrior. The new footage from the game introduces Barbara, who doesn’t have the most Viking name in the world (that would be too easy for this series), but certainly brings the right attitude.

Barbara will be playable in the game’s co-op mode which will be shown off at Gamescom next week. She has handy wings on her helmet to enable a certain amount of brief hovering, and a sizeable axe with which to dispense her foes.

Rayman Legends is only confirmed for the Wii U at present, although Ubisoft hasn’t ruled out bringing it to the usual Xbox 360/PS3/PC platforms as well.

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