Watch Dogs PC patch is coming, says Ubisoft

Watch Dogs - 29

Aiden stares down the road, looking for a patch.

Playing Watch Dogs on PC sounds like its been a bit of a technical minefield, but there is at least one patch on the way. Ubisoft graphics technical director Sebastien Viard has been tweeting away all day about performance of the game on PC and finished up with the news that a patch is in progress.

Prior to that, Viard had claimed that the issues on PC stem from a “lack of unified memory.” That was followed by a succession of PC players saying they had graphics cards with an excess of 3GB of VRAM and were still running into serious problems.

In theory, if your graphics card is lacking in the VRAM department, turning down texture quality, AA or resolution should result in a performance boost. However, that doesn’t seem to be working in every case and people are still reporting stuttering and poor frame-rates even when selecting lower quality graphics options.

The question persist about why PCs with far more internal power than the PS4 are unable to run Watch Dogs at the same quality as that platform. VRAM and unified memory differences don’t appear to be telling the whole story.

Despite the myriad problems experienced by PC Watch Dogs players, Sebastien Viard says the team did a “fantastic job” with the PC version.

You can read the IncGamers review of the somewhat underwhelming Watch Dogs, here.


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  • “Fantastic job” my arse. For a game whose life started on PC for E3 2012, it’s painfully apparent they shifted development to next gen console dev kits and then ported that version over to PC, possibly as an afterthought. Performance is atrocious no matter how much tweaking one does and that can only be explained by underlying engine issues and poor optimisation.

    Speaking of… Recommended System Specifications inflation is obviously designed to mask shoddy optimisation rather than ACTUALLY needing that much power. Ubisoft is not alone in this behavior (I’m looking at you, iD/Bethesda [Wolfenstein: TNO]).

    • Andrew

      I agree I can run Skyrim on Ultra with many graphic mods, but I can barely run watchdogs at all on medium setting. Not to mention that the graphics in skyrim are 100 times better then Watch Dogs. Don’t get me wrong the game is fun, the graphics are shit for a so called next gen game and you must have 8 gigs of ram for it to run without a lag. I heard some people had to upgrade their pcs just for Watch Dogs. I wish I would have bought it for my xbox one instead. If this the future of pc gaming, then i might have switch over to consoles completely, so I save myself from having to upgrade my pc every time a new video card or ram comes out every six months.