watch dogs

September 24, 2014

Watch Dogs’ Bad Blood DLC available for some today

Watch Dogs’ Bad Blood DLC available for some today

The somewhat aptly-named (if you remember the reception it got on PC) ‘Bad Blood’ DLC is available today for Watch Dogs Season Pass owners. For anybody who didn’t buy a Season Pass, your punishment from…

September 3, 2014

Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC details and release date

Watch Dogs gets a new story campaign featuring T-Bone and his hacking skills. New DLC will launch for Watch Dogs on 23  September for Season Pass holders and mere mortals can get their hands on it on…

August 22, 2014

Latest Watch Dogs patch makes it easier to turn to drink

Don’t worry if you’re still disappointed with the PC performance in Watch Dogs, this new patch will help you drink the pain away. Specifically, it extensively re-tunes (and basically makes easier) the drinking games. Single…

July 30, 2014

Watch Dogs DLC teased by UbiSoft

More Watch Dogs action is coming our way soon teases Ubisoft. In a Tweet from Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs account this evening they are teasing upcoming DLC with the note “Our data indicates surveillance has become…

July 29, 2014

Watch Dogs PC patch claims to address stutter

Ubisoft has issued a second official patch for Watch Dogs today, and claims it will improve overall performance. Specifically, it hopes to address the dreaded stuttering issue that a significant numbers of PC users have…

July 22, 2014

Watch Dogs TheWorse mod v1.0 is released

Still looking for Watch Dogs visual improvements? There’s a new version of TheWorse Mod that can help with that. It’s only been a couple of weeks since the 0.97 release of TheWorse Mod but there’s been…

July 8, 2014

Watch Dogs TheWorse mod 0.97 released

TheWorse comes through with the latest build of his Watch Dogs graphical enhancement mod for the PC version. As promised the 0.97 version of the mod that will improve your Watch Dogs PC visuals has…