watch dogs

Watch Dogs release date announced

After much delay, Watch Dogs has finally been given the green light for release on 27 May. “We are pleased to be able to reveal to gamers all over the world the new release date…

Posted by: Paul Younger

Watch Dogs gets delayed until 2014

It was supposed to be one of the big released this year but alas Ubi has decided to delay the game until spring 2014. A statement sent to us from Ubi this evening reads: “Our…

Posted by: Paul Younger

The Watch Dogs PC specs are quite demanding

Update: The Watch Dogs PC specs won’t be that demanding after all Is this a glimpse at so-called ‘next gen’ specs and requirements, or are Ubisoft just bad at optimising ports? That’s not an easy question…

Posted by: Peter Parrish

Unboxing the Watch Dogs Dedsec Edition video

Unboxing the Watch Dogs Dedsec Edition video

UbiSoft are back with another unboxing video and in this one they’re taking a look inside the Watch Dogs Dedsec Edition. This edition comes with a figurine, art book, AR cards, soundtrack, collector’s badges, and…

Posted by: Paul Younger

Watch Dogs wants you to go on a Hacker Hunt

Ubisoft have set up the world’s creepiest website in We Are Data (sorry: WeareData), which uses geolocation data (with authorisation from the sources) to let you see what’s going on in three major cities across…

Posted by: Tim McDonald