Watch some of BlizzCon 2013 free – Check our schedule for start times in your time zone

blizzcon 2013

There’s some good news if you’re strapped for cash and want to watch some of BlizzCon 2013 as Blizzard will be airing some of the event for free.

The hotels, tickets and flights to get to BlizzCon can be pricey and the next best thing is watching the event on the Direct TV stream which costs you cash. If you want to watch some of the events Blizzard are airing the opening ceremony and select tournaments for free. More details can be found on the virtual ticket page.

The opening ceremony gets underway later today (Friday) at 11 AM PST (7PM GMT) if you want to tune in. BlizzCon kicks off with CEO Mike Morhaime dressing as a druid and chanting to his Blizzard disciples while naked elven women dance around him. OK. Maybe not, but it’s a nice image that most attendees would probably love to see happen

Anyone who is wanting to schedule their next two days of BlizzCon viewing should check out our schedule page which includes countdown clocks for every panel showing their start times in your time zone.

There’s only 18 hours and 32 seconds to go.

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