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Watch the explosive Battlefield 4 Accolades TV trailer

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is only a few days away from release and exposure for DICE’s shooter is picking up pace. A new trailer called the “Accolades TV trailer” has surfaced this evening showing some of explosive action that awaits next week when it launches.

After much discussion here, Tim has elected to take on the PC review, despite the fact he’s snowed under with ten billion other titles right now. But he wanted it so he got it.

Watch out for the review next week, and don’t forget, you won’t see our review until the game is 100% completed. EA tell us that PC code is unlikely be with us until Tuesday next week.

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  • sorudo

    looks quite ugly TBH, way to much bumping effects and the texturing is quite standard.
    if i really have to compare (although i hate to do that>_<), farcry 3 looks better. tho, you're not really buying the game for the graphics or at least not shoot-em-up games, you will only notice 20% and that's asking allot.

    • Rushster

      It’s all about the multiplayer for me and I think BF4 will do the best job of it compared to Ghosts. I do think visually it looks good though.