This week’s Steam Weeklong Deals make Peter very happy

alpha protocol

I have a sneaking suspicion that our own Mr. Parrish may have sponsored the latest Weeklong Deals on Steam.

We don’t normally put up news about Weeklong Deals or sales or whatever unless we find them in some way spectacular, and as Peter is currently indisposed, I figured I’ll do this for him. For the next seven days, Steam is offering you a number of Parrish-approved titles for various low prices.

For instance: the excellent-but-underappreciated Binary Domain is a mere £2.50. The excellent-but-underappreciated Alpha Protocol is also a mere £2.50. A fiver, then, will get you both a rather good sc-fi third-person shooter, and a rather good modern-day espionage RPG with a branching plot.

There are also things like Cargo Commander (£1.39), Steamworld Dig (£3.49), and Urban Trial Freestyle (£2.99), all of which Peter reviewed. In terms of non-Parrish stuff there’s also stuff like Avadon 2: The Corruption (£1.75), and, uh… Day One: Garry’s Incident (£3.00). Oh dear. I’m pretty certain Peter had nothing to do with that one.

Either way, if you don’t grab anything else, I think both he and I would heartily recommend Binary Domain and Alpha Protocol at that price. The sale page is over here.

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  • Kodes

    Alpha Protocol was fricken awesome. It had tons of bugs, and you became stupidly powerful as soon as you got a few abilities, but it still holds a good place in my heart!

  • SLowrAM

    I enjoyed Alpha Protocol and didn’t understand the poor reviews and I suppose lack of sales. I played through a stage each evening and looked forward to and enjoyed my time with it, was like a great tv show you look forward to it’s next airing. Was bummed when I finished it as I would’ve enjoyed playing more and was even more so due to it’s likely lack of a sequel.

  • Peter Parrish

    You have fine taste, fellow Alpha Protocol fans.

  • Tim

    Just bought Urban Trial Freestyle and Alpha Protocol thanks for info 🙂