What happened to this week’s supposed GTA V PC pre-orders?

GTA V PC pre-orders

A few days ago we reported that retailer Elgiganten would start taking GTA V PC pre-orders on Friday but what happened when the ability to pre-order never appeared?

We suspected that it was a long-shot having pre-orders ready when Rockstar has not even announced the game and that this could be a ruse to bring in more punters. We’re cynical like that.

When probed on the fact that once Friday hit and there was no sign of being able to pre-order the retailer eventually responded with the following:

“We regret to inform you that our planned pre-sale of of GTA V for PC must be postponed. We apologise for this, but promise to come back as soon as we have confirmed a release. Have a nice weekend.”

Quite a few retailers have listings for GTA V now on their sites but unless Rockstar officially announce the game there will be little chance of any pre-orders being taken. The clues and signs are there that it’s coming but when is a still a mystery.

Back to GTA IV I’m afraid.

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  • @francalde

    It was a way for arn fame and and we speak about the store

  • Fred

    Let me tell you what happened to this week’s GTA V PC pre-orders. Nothing happened. That’s because GTA V for the PC does NOT exist and will never be released. That’s because online is so screwed up that R* is very afraid of what the modders, hackers, cheats, and pirates will do to it.

    • AntiFred

      Fred- you’re an idiot!

    • antiantiantifred

      Wont be released so much that there are pre-orders -.-…..
      look up your facts before you b latter bullcrap

    • maycel

      lol bro do u think rockstar care bout ur opinion they care about possible 500k+ customers and their money,wich they can get on a game that already exist and it only needs to be ported to pc…nuf said

    • Lazerbeak

      Calm down for gods sake, it will get released, RS will loses millions of dollars if they don’t release on PC, my guess is their playing mind games to stoke up PR

  • Antiantifred

    Fred u are an idiot.GTA V for PC will be released very soon.Just we have to wait for announcement.Be polite and happy and be patiente.

  • antiantiantifred

    fred, just stfu. the modding community has kept IV alive for many years not since it hit pc. rockstar even acknowledged this, and stated at one point it even helped push the IV title even further by making it even more appealing to gamers interested in sandbox modding. 5 is coming soon, and even if it doesn’t, the modding community is already working on a gta 5 mod for the iv rage engine.. so now what? lol

  • DavidTheSlayer

    I hope it’s not just retailers trying to get some word of mouth about their stores, hopefully Rockstar Games is paying attention and that the demand has been noted and their management taking the *right* action, that is, to release GTAV on PC damn it.

  • juancho

    Hope that this month they announce the game

  • James

    People should use their heads! Try putting in a partition stating that, unless RS releases a PC versions with Xbox and PlayStation then don’t bother releasing it at all!
    Then and only then they might just pull their fingers out of their back sides!!!!!! but of course this wont happen!

  • mehdi

    please game grand theft auto v for pc.camputer is coming soon.