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What is Battlefield 4 “levolution” other than a terrible buzzword? Video explains

One of the more ridiculous phrases coined at E3 this year was Battlefield 4’s “levolution”. DICE and EA were keen to throw the word around in their trailers and commentary in an effort to explain what happens to levels in Battlefield 4’s multiplayer game.

Perhaps you are still unsure exactly what they are trying to convey with the hideous buzzword but this video of pre-alpha footage should set the record straight. Basically you blow shit up and and the destruction of large objects such as buildings effectively changes the level. Anyway, marvel at the footage, it is tasty.

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  • Kim Etzerodt

    It’s also a keyword for SEO.
    And by including it in the headline of this piece, you have graciously helped EA promote their game.

    If you’re tired of dumb buzzwords, don’t use them, since you only bump up their effectiveness that way.

  • sorudo

    it’s a stupid buzzword but i see only partly why they use this word, i would’ve named it something like dynamic map evolution or DME but i see they rather use one letter of level (which is a map, not level) and use evolution after that.