Win a copy of the The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Arcane Mechanic DLC

Win a copy of the The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Arcane Mechanic DLC

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

The good folks at Neocore have once again sent over a few keys to giveaway for the new The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Arcane Mechanic DLC which has just been released.

This new DLC brings a new class to the ARPG, the Arcane Mechanic, and this chap is a specialist in traps and gadgets. That’s not all though, there’s also new gear for the Arcane Mechanic class and class specific quests. If you’re playing the game then this is a must-have addition.

So how can you grab one? Simple! Pop a post in the comments below (make sure you are logged in with a site account, register an account, or take part via our Facebook page). Good luck!

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  • Lorderan

    Absolute awesome game!!! Cant wait for #2 to come out

  • Soner

    Great game you did there. Hope I can get my hands on new DLC soon 🙂

  • Rimvydasm

    Had so much fun with this game,can’t wait to try this DLC,maybe you can help me to get it:)

  • EgonTheHun

    This game is really great, i had a blast with the core game. :)) Really wanna play this new class. 😛 Maybe now i will. 😀

  • fsj

    Yes please!

  • misterbubbles

    Epic game. Wanna try Arcane Mechanic badly coz his gameplay looks like it’s superb fun. He should have been the default class.

  • Enkeria

    Would be nice yes.

  • spongebob

    Keeping my fingers crossed! It’s a truly awesome and rewarding game! 🙂

  • TonySoprano

    thanx 😀

  • Leo

    I thought it was about time for another playthrough. This really sounds like a fun new class to do it with!

  • bobotheklown

    Another round!

  • restartmind111

    Yes , awsome game! good luck everyone!

  • jeram

    The game is super awesome, I already have all the other DLC except this one.

  • Brumbek

    I do love the game and hope to get the DLC. I will say though I totally hate how the developers are forcing these DLCs on us. They update the game to forcibly drop DLC items that are totally unusable by me. That is NOT COOL. This trend, a la Borderlands 2, needs to stop. If I don’t want to buy your DLC, don’t force me to find worthless DLC items.

  • Rushster

    Ok guys the winners will now have a PM from me with their Steam key.

    Grats to Chris Bosch, Rob Mitchell, MisterBubbles, Enkeria and jeram for picking up a copy of the DLC. Thanks again to Neocore for being awesome as usual.

  • theboss

    really great game.