World of Warcraft mounts and pets now available to buy in-game

Blizzard has now rolled out the World of Warcraft mounts and pets store in-game making it nice and easy to spend your cash on these cosmetic items.

The in-game interface now features a new Shop icon and the character your logged in with can choose from a bevy of mount and pets which are then delivered directly to your mail box.

To entice players to try the new store Blizzard are offering 50% discounts on some of the selections including:

World of Warcraft Pets — Now $5 (Reg. $10)

Cenarion HatchlingCinder Kitten
Lil’ K.T.Lil’ Ragnaros
Lil’ XTMoonkin Hatchling
Pandaren MonkSoul of the Aspects

World of Warcraft Mounts — Now $12.50 (Reg. $25)

Armored BloodwingCelestial Steed
Heart of the AspectsSwift Windsteed
Winged Guardian

Just think, now you don’t even have to ALT-TAB out the game. Blizzard have you, you can never leave!

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  • John Craft
  • sorudo

    wow…25 bucks for a mount?
    the sub isn’t even that expansive and you pretty much need to pay a sup to play, so it’s 35 bucks when you buy a mount in a month’s play…….WOW

  • gold guide

    why buy mounts when you can just use this instead