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X Rebirth trailer shows more gameplay and limited edition revealed

X Rebirth

X Rebirth is set to continue Egosoft’s space sim series after seven years of development. The release date is almost upon us, 15 November, and a new video has been shunted out the airlock which demonstrates how far the game has come since the 1999 release of X: Beyond the Frontier.

Pre-orders are also being taken and the Limited Edition Box Version comes with the following:

  • Updated Color X Encyclopedia (ebook)
  • Art Book of Concept Art (printed)
  • Player’s Manual (printed)
  • Sountrack
  • Bonus Videos

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  • sorudo

    with everything they can claim, i learned never to pay for a game unless ether tried your self or seen a good gameplay video.
    i have wasted way to much money on crap simply because i was to caught up in the hype of a game, reviews say it’s so great yet i get bored so much it makes watching paint try a dynamic event.