Xi3 to announce details of the Piston on Monday – First Steam Machine reveal?

Xi3 to announce details of the Piston on Monday – First Steam Machine reveal?


Right at the start of the year, Xi3 revealed what some considered to be the Steambox, a tiny miniaturised modular PC. Since then we’ve heard very little about Xi3’s plans until now.

The Xi3 website has now been updated with a countdown clock indicating that an announcement is coming at 1 A.M. (Mountain Time) on Monday, 30 September.

Some initial specs were revealed in to be 1TB of internal storage, an AMD R-Series APU, and AMD’s 384 core Radeon HD 7660G but no doubt things have changed since these appeared in January.

Since January a lot’s happened, most notably this week’s big Steam/Valve announcements so this upcoming reveal is all rather timely and is probably piggy-backing on the excitement around Valve’s news. Are we about to see the first Steam Machine? It’s starting to look that way, even though Xi3 had distanced themselves from Valve and their hardware being called a Steambox.

Frustratingly the PR blurb also calls it a “PISTON Console”.

The design revealed in the video below at the start of the year is pretty slick. If you missed it, here it is again.

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  • sorudo

    it’s an interesting concept but i still don’t see what’s so great about it, no matter how much you put in cards like that the desktop PC will always be the better choice.
    there is a reason why powerful video cards have big coolers on them, not because it looks good on them but because they can heat up quite allot on high performance programs.
    and with an AMD in such a closed space, i can tell you that any crysis 3 or skyrim gamer will have a hard time running it on max settings without the case practically melting off.

    it’s a good idea of starters, ppl who never really used a PC and need their space but actual gamers, it’s going to be a hard ride to get even close to what a desktop already offers.