Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z out now, costs FIFTY BLOODY QUID

Yaiba - 1

This screenshot puts the “bloody” into FIFTY BLOODY QUID.

Tecmo Koei have released Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. It costs fifty quid. Fifty bloody quid. £50. (Well, okay, £49.99, but shush.)

If you want to play the Ninja Gaiden spin-off which has you battling zombies as a cyborg ninja, then you’ll be paying rather a lot of money to do so. Peter tells me that it’s reasonably sensibly priced in the US ($60, which is maybe a bit pricey but still within the usual limits), but in the UK it’ll cost you £49.99. Which is about $82, if I’ve got my exchange rates right. Which is a massive mark-up, and maybe not the most sensible price for a game that doesn’t exactly have a long and storied history – or massive embedded fanbase – on the PC.

By all accounts it’s not exactly the best game ever made, although as we haven’t got review code, I can’t say for sure. I’m fairly confident in saying that Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z isn’t worth FIFTY BLOODY QUID, but then, few games are.

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  • 60e for eu hahaha

  • btw what is wrong with the login? i cant login with my real account, just get not found page lol

    • lazerbeak


      They switched to a new database you need to register a new account with your id

    • Paul Younger

      As Lazer says. Just reg a new account, we switched it all over a couple of weeks ago then added all the social logins too.

  • lazerbeak

    50 fucking quid fuck that

  • lazerbeak

    ha I read some where else its set “in a fictional Ukrainian city invaded by Russian troops. He slogs his way through scores of the undead to exact revenge on his killer.” my god talk about close to the bone

  • Kay

    Down here in Australia, $80 is relatively cheap for a new release. Sometimes it’s upwards of $100+.

  • lazerbeak

    Played it briefly, silly kids game not worth 50 quid unless your nuts