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YouTube content ID policy spoofed by the Taiwanese Animators


If this won’t change their mind, surely nothing will.

“We kindly ask that you remember that your roots are videos of cats” is one of the better put-downs of YouTube’s recent megalomania with regard to copyright claims, and it comes from the latest Taiwanese Animators video. Since they use YouTube themselves, they’re understandably a bit miffed as well. In their own style, of course.

This is probably the only place you’ll see a giant panda, YouTube gamer Francis, The Black Eyed Peas and a big truck full of money all in one place. At least, I’m pretty sure.

You can read more about how YouTube’s Kafkaesque ‘content ID’ policies have led to developers having their own videos taken down here; and YouTube’s decision to stand firm on their changes here. It’s all a bit chaotic, really.

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  • Namik

    Small correction. It’s Boogie, not Francis. Francis is just an over-the-top-crazy character created by Boogie.

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