10 best Steam deals to take advantage of while quarantined

Best Steam Deals

Many of us are currently stuck at home under quarantine, so it’s the perfect time to browse Steam for tasty deals. It’s not just about huge seasonal sales either; new selections of discounted PC games appear on a weekly basis. Right now, there are dozens of titles with highly enticing reduced prices. With a good intention to separate the wheat from the chaff, we’ve made a list of the best Steam deals you can currently take advantage of.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord (-10% until April 13, extra -10% for those who own any previous Mount & Blade)

Best Steam Deals Mount & Blade Ii Bannerlord

Source: Steam

It’s been a long wait, but the highly anticipated Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is finally here, greeted with an overwhelmingly positive reception. It’s a tremendously detailed open-world game, blending together RPG and strategy. The ambitious title offers unprecedented levels of freedom in an authentically simulated medieval world. (But don’t worry — we’ve got everything you need to keep from being overwhelmed).

Not only can you develop and build your character, but you’ll also strategically manage your army and charge into battles alongside your troops. The game is available at a reasonable discount, and it gets better if you own any other Mount & Blade title. Still, even just 10% off isn’t bad considering Mount & Blade II remains a relatively new game.

Metro Exodus (-50% until April 6)

 Metro Exodus

Source: Steam

Metro Exodus wraps up the trilogy of Metro games. This time, it takes players on a dangerous journey out of the Metro across a post-apocalyptic Russia. In this atmospheric FPS, you’ll travel through ravaged wastelands on an armored locomotive in a desperate search for a place where the human race can hopefully continue on.

You’ll learn to deal with monsters of all kinds on your way too. These include nuclear mutants and twisted versions of what used to be people. Fortunately, you aren’t alone and have a band of loyal companions. But be careful: your actions will ultimately determine their fate. Metro Exodus is non-linear, with plenty of survival sandbox elements and a very engaging story. Overall, Metro Exodus is a thrilling experience, and it’s temporarily available at half price.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – GotY Edition (-70% until April 6)

Best Steam Deals The Witcher 3

Source: Steam

The Witcher 3 barely needs an introduction at this point. It’s one of the best video games of the decade, and even more people are interested thanks to the Netflix series. If you haven’t already invested hundreds of hours into Geralt of Rivia’s adventures, now’s the time to do it.

Steam is offering a hefty 70% discount on the Game of the Year Edition. The price you’ll pay is almost nothing when you think of the amount of content you’ll get, making it one of the best Steam deals around right now. Game of the Year Edition includes the base game and two huge story expansions, along with a plethora of small DLC add-ons. It’s a remarkable tale of high fantasy, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Rocket League (-50% until April 20)

Source: Steam

Rocket League was and still is a groundbreaking experience, based on an interesting experimental concept. It’s an arcade soccer game at heart, but players take control of rocket-powered cars and fight to score goals on huge soccer arenas.

Simple as it sounds, Rocket League actually has a lot of depth to it. The in-game physics encourage players to perform exciting acrobatic maneuvers to outsmart their opponents. Furthermore, there are tons of DLC with additional cars, so you can create a completely unique experience — e.g., the Batmobile competing with Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1 during a match. It’s fully cross-platform as well, so you can play with friends who own Rocket League on other systems.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy (-50% until April 6)

Best Steam Deals Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Source: Steam

Spyro the Dragon is an iconic character for many gamers, as he starred in some of the best games for the original PlayStation. A couple decades later, the purple dragon returned with much fanfare and snazzy redesigns in Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

This nostalgic collection includes the three original Spyro games: Spyro the Dragon, Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage, and Spyro: Year of the Dragon. All have been thoroughly remastered and rebuilt from scratch, while still retaining the charm from the originals. It’s a great collection of fine 3D platforming and collect-a-thon gameplay that holds up just as well as new titles. And with the current Steam deal, you can explore all three games at a discount worthy of a dragon’s hoard.

PC Building Simulator (-33% until April 6)

Source: Steam

Steam is saturated with simulators of all sorts, but PC Building Simulator manages to stand out among others. It’s a game dedicated to constructing the imaginary PC of your dreams, which is at least some kind of alternative if you can’t afford a pre-build one to run the most demanding modern titles.

It’s not solely about entertainment though. PC Building Simulator serves educational purposes as well. With a wide array of authentic hardware parts at your disposal, you can learn all the specific rules of their compatibility without trawling through a thousand YouTube videos. It’s an incredibly realistic simulator and definitely worth looking into if you want something out of the ordinary.

Risk of Rain 2 (-20% until April 6)

Best Steam Deals Risk Of Rain 2

Source: Steam

Risk of Rain 2 is a super-popular roguelike with almost endless replayability thanks to new content updates. You’ll fight your way through randomly generated levels full of hundreds of enemies and gather sweet loot. And then you die. You’ll have to start all over again, but you learn and unlock more with each run.

That’s where the beauty is. New items, new characters and abilities, and new tactical approaches make things a bit easier. More importantly, it all allows you to progress a little further each time. Risk of Rain 2 is challenging and ruthless; we can’t deny that. But once you’ve accepted the harsh rules, it turns into a rewarding and even comforting experience.

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition (-50% until April 6)

Best Steam Deals Baldur's Gate

Source: Steam

Baldur’s Gate is a legendary game and remains one of the pillars of RPGs. It’s a classic fantasy RPG with a deep party system and intricate choice-based narrative that inspired many modern titles as well.

Enhanced Edition comes with the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion on top of the improved base game (improved as in “nowhere near as buggy”). There’s even brand new content created specifically for this release. It’s definitely one of the best Steam deals, especially as we get closer to Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Escapists (-75% until April 6)

Best Steam Deals The Escapists

Source: Steam

The Escapists is an exciting puzzle game focused on one thing: escaping prison. With tons of ways you can achieve this ultimate goal, there aren’t really any right or wrong options — as long as you don’t get caught. How you plan your escape is completely up to you, but you’ll still need some thought involved.

Every prison has its own set of strict rules and work schedules, so your job will be to blend in with the everyday routine of the facility while secretly taking measures to realize your freedom. It’s tough, but there’s nothing like watching your plans come to fruition in The Escapists.

King’s Bounty: Ultimate Edition (-75% until April 6)

Best Steam Deals King's Bounty

Source: Steam

King’s Bounty: Ultimate Edition is the spiritual successor to the eponymous original released 30 years ago. It’s not King’s Bounty II, but it packs plenty of content. King’s Bounty: Ultimate Edition is the Warriors of the North title that follows a Viking hero in his fight against the undead. You explore a gorgeous fantasy world in real time, but you fight using a full-scale army in turn-based battles.

On top of that, the Ultimate Edition includes six different content packs and expansions, all for just $9.99 on sale. It’s an incredible Steam deal to take advantage of for RPG fans.

Most of the deals listed above will end in a few days, so make sure to grab the titles you’re most interested in. Which titles are you planning on getting? Let us know in the comments!