10 Second Ninja Sequel Annouced

Developer Four Circle Interactive and publisher Curve Digital announced a follow up to their 2014 title, 10 Second Ninja today. 10 Second Ninja X will release on PC, PlayStation 4. and Xbox One on July 19, 2016. Four Circle and Curve Digital also released a new trailer to accompany the announcement. Check out the trailer below.

The premise of 10 Second Ninja is too destroy all of your foes within each level in 10 seconds or less. 10 Second Ninja X brings this gameplay back in 60 newly designed levels, each offering up to three stars for precision and skill. Along with the array of levels is multiple new mini-games and countless unlockable costumes.

The game will release on Steam, as well as PlayStation and Xbox marketplaces, on July 19 for $9.99. You can check out more details on the game here. Also make sure to check out some screens below.

10 second ninja screen 1

10 second ninja screen 2

10 second ninja screen 3

10 second ninja screen 4

10 second ninja screen 5

10 second ninja 6


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