When a new console is announced we’re all very quick to inspect its hardware and critique the aesthetics of the console itself. It usually takes a while for us to pay any notice to the controller that comes with it but we really probably should. Does it really matter if a console looks ugly? What I’m more concerned about is the controller I’m going to have to hold every time I play. A bad controller can have a massive effect on the popularity of a console and it’s important to make sure gamers have something comfy, ergonomic, and strong in their hands for when it’s time to rage. Recent controllers like the wonderful Xbox 360 controller or the PlayStation 4 controller have been great but that’s not the way its always been…

In this article published by What Culture and written by Tom Butler, you can read his count down of some of the worst controllers ever to cramp our hands. From the infamous Powerglove to the bulky Xbox controller, you can read about consoles who’s controllers nearly destroyed them. You can read it right HERE.

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