Wuthering Waves
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10 Wuthering Waves characters I’m looking forward to playing

I just hope they're as good as they're looking to be.

There are quite a few characters in Wuthering Waves, and after devouring every piece of footage I can find, I’ve got to say I’m rather excited to try some of them out.

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Jiyan Wuthering Waves
Image: Kuro Games

Jiyun is a 5-star rarity character from the Aero element in Wuthering Waves. Using the Broadsword, he dominates the battlefield with grand arcs that smash into anything in his way. Not only does he look awesome, but he can also summon dragon spirits that follow his blade.

I can’t wait to grace around the battlefield in style whilst dishing out the spectral dragons. It’s one thing to deal great amounts of damage, but to attack in style is what will sell me. I’m also a sucker for cool swords.

Jiyun will likely be the one I try to get as soon as I can.


Calacharo Wuthering Waves
Image: Kuro Games

Calcharo is another 5-star rarity character that uses a Broadsword, although he’s from the Electro element. Although I typically don’t opt for lightning or electric elements in games, I do love how they generally look.

I can only imagine the *shocking* combos and plays I can make as I get up close and electrocute everything in my way. And again, he’s got a cool broadsword, so of course I’m going to try and get him.


Chixia Wuthering Waves
Image: Kuro Games

I was a Solar Hunter main in Destiny 2 (R.I.P Cayde), so of course I’m looking forward to playing Chixia, the 4-star rarity Fusion character using pistols. Hardly anything is more satisfying in a shooter than going all out with a pair of pistols on your foes.

Using pistols whilst leaping and dodging around the battlefield is typically an epic experience. And to top it off with fire will give you something special.


Mortefi Wuthering Waves
Image: Kuro Games

Mortefi is a 4-star rarity Fusion character that uses pistols, so the same reasons as above for Chixia apply for Mortefi. However, I’m more likely to enjoy playing Mortefi due to the higher defense and health.

As much as I love zooming around the battlefield, having a tankier character will afford you more mistakes and punishment, something I’ll likely need. The thought of a burlier character with small arms zipping around is a more amusing image.

I’m looking forward to both Chixia and Mortefi, however, so either will do.

Rover (Spectro)

Rover Wuthering Waves
Image: Kuro Games

Rover is a 5-star rarity Spectro character that uses a sword. Rover may only use a regular sword, and not a broadsword, but he has a more nuanced fighting style. It’s always fun to pull off a combo that isn’t just “mash buttons and watch it play out.”

The heavy attacks from Rover will require timing, and a few regular attacks before, allowing for more complicated and punishing plays.

If ever I get tired of shooting my foes to smithereens, I’ll be sure to use Rover to make me feel better about myself. As long as I don’t mess it up, that is.


Tuanwu Wuthering Waves
Image: Kuro Games

Yuanwu is a 4-star rarity Electro character that uses Gauntlets to fight his enemies. One of my favorite things to do in The Witcher is take part in brawls, and that love for fisticuffs has followed through for other titles.

To think I can beat my enemies to death with the power of Electro is awesome. Fist-fighting always makes me feel more powerful in video games, especially the deisngers have made hand-to-hand combat a visual and visceral feast. So I’ll certainly be banking on Yuanwu to satiate my craving for brawls.

As long as it’s not like the awful quicktime brawling in The Witcher 2, I think I’ll enjoy myself.


Taoqi Wuthering Waves
Image: Kuro Games

Taoqui is a 4-star rarity character who uses a broadsword. I’ve already gushed over my love for a good broadsword, but what makes me want to play Taoqi is her attribute: Havoc.

Havoc is the attribute that concerns itself with annihilating matter. There aren’t many characters in Wuthering Waves that align with Havoc, and it’s the attribute I’m the most excited to play. utterly destroying everything in your path provides an unmatched feeling.

I mean I was a Destruction mage in Skyrim, so I’m pretty used to reducing my foes to atoms. Then again, who didn’t dabble in Destruction in Skyrim?


Baizhi Wuthering Waves
Image: Kuro Games

Baizhi is a 4 star rarity Glacio character that uses the rectifier. I’ve been unable to find out too much about the rectifier weapon, but from what gameplay footage I’ve seen, it’s looks pretty cool. I can best describe it as a “ranged elemental magic weapon,” and I’m sure it’s got some sweet combos.

But the rectifier isn’t the only reason I’m looking forward to Baizhi in Wuthering Waves. I don’t usually care for ice or water elementals in video games, as slowing enemies isn’t a strategy I’m prone to. However, I’m actually feeling a little different with this game.

I want to step out of my comfort zone and use the Glacio rectifier to freeze and destroy all those who oppose me. I’m sure I’ll have a blast.


Yinlin Wuthering Waves
Image: Kuro Games

Yinlin is a 5-star rarity Electro character that also uses the rectifier. Yinlin is powerful. I’ve already gone over why I’m excited about the rectifier and the Electro element, so to see a powerful character harboring both is something I have to try out.

Using the rectifier to employ Electro attacks will surely look incredible, and will deal a lot of damage. I can already imagine standing still whilst rocking my enemies with my Electro rectifier.


Jianxin Wuthering Waves
Image: Kuro Games

Jiancin is a 5-star rarity Aerol character who uses gauntlets to fight. Air elements in games are typically not worth caring about, but I’ll make an exception for Jianxin. She’s a powerful character who uses gauntlets, so is worth using for those factors alone.

I think that manipulating airflow, as the Aerol attribute allows, whilst throwing flurries of blows is a match made in heaven.

With all these Wuthering Waves characters on my mind, all I can do now is hop in the game and find out if my anticipation was poorly placed.

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