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Today marks the kickoff of the Epic Games Store Holiday Sale. Starting today and going until January 1, 2020, you can save up to 75 percent on Epic exclusives and other titles, including Borderlands 3, The Outer Worlds and Red Dead Redemption 2. Watch the announcement video.

To start the sale, Epic is giving away a free $10 voucher just for logging in. If used towards an eligible game, users will receive another $10 to spend. There isn’t a set list of eligible games. Rather, you’ll receive a $10 in Epic coupons if you purchase any product listed at $14.99 or above (post-sale). Pre-purchases, in-game purchases, DLC, and season passes don’t apply.

12 days of free games

The free Epic credit isn’t all that you can redeem in the Epic Games Store Holiday Sale. In true fashion, Epic is giving away free games, which you can download and keep forever. However, instead of sticking to a weekly cycle, there’s a new game every day. The first game out is Into the Breach, which is a turn-based isometric strategy game from the makers of FTL. In it, you’ll take control of an array of mechs from the future, sent to save the world from an alien threat. We mean it when we say “threat,” too. Like FTL, Into the Breach is tough. Each level is randomly generated, too, so there’s always a new challenge to tackle.

En Egs Social Holidaysale 1920x1080 Main

As for what other titles will be given away in the Epic Games Store Holiday Sale, there’s no saying. However, Epic has a history of handing out some heavy hitters. In recent months, it has given away The Messenger, Rayman Legends, Costume Quest, and QUBE 2. Although Epic hasn’t repeated its free titles in the past, you may see some titles from the past leading up to Christmas. Regardless, if you’re new to the Epic Games Store, now is a great time to pad your library.

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