New 12 Minutes trailer shown during Microsoft’s E3 2019 conference

12 Minutes E3 2019

Microsoft’s E3 2019 briefing was stuffed with great reveals, for both AAA and Indie games. One of the most eye-catching of the latter group was Annapurna Interactive’s 12 Minutes. Check out the game’s new trailer below.

12 Minutes sticks players in a timeloop, reliving the events where a police detective breaks down the door on a young married couple and accuses the wife of murdering her father. When the husband tried to intervene, he is killed by the detective and forced to relive the same dozen-minute loop again. In discovering more of the mystery, the player will be able to alter the events that take place and, hopefully, save his wife and unborn child.

The exact method of how you will uncover more and more of this mystery remains unknown at present. Will you simply go through different dialogue options, over and over again? Will you explore the rest of the house and find new clues that you can use to learn more? How big is the apartment itself in 12 Minutes, and how much of it can you interact with? All of these questions and more will have to wait for now.

We also don’t know when exactly 12 Minutes will release. However, it plans to make its way to PC and Xbox One most likely in 2020.