If there were ever any doubt that PC users love the hell out of mods, hopefully the statistics from Skyrim’s various modding outlets will bury them … and then salt the earth to make sure such terrible doubts never arise again.
Bethesda has revealed that 13.6 million downloads have been made through Skyrim’s Steam workshop (and it’s probably more now, since the information is a few hours old). But even that number pales in comparison to the downloads from SkyrimNexus, the third-party mod site.
There, the number is almost 80 million. However, the somewhat more embarrassing news for the videogames community is that mods like ‘Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition’ tend to dominate the top downloads from that site.
Still, the point of modding is being able to tweak the game even more to your tastes. If those tastes happen to be a little lonely, so be it.
Source: twitter.com

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