Sparkypants’ quickie RTS Dropzone enters closed beta

Sparkypants’ quickie RTS Dropzone enters closed beta

Dropzone from Sparkypants promises 15 minutes quick blast RTS games and today it’s entered closed beta.

Dropzone is looking to attract an RTS audience looking for fast-paced 1v1 action but a the same time want some depth to the gameplay. In Dropzone players customise units which provides the game’s strategy. Thes are then  taken into the quick fifteen minute games. Sparkypants are wanting to capture the feel of a MOBA with RTS mechanics.

Gameforge has also just announced the game’s first tournament which will be held on 29 July in partnership with the ESL. The whole thing can be watched on the ESL’s Twitch channel.

With the closed beta now underway, potential players can still sign-up to take part here.

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