Gamestop Won’t Make Their Own Streaming Games Service Anymore

Gamestop has revealed they will no longer be working on making their own digital game streaming service, in lieu of continuing to help sell products like PSN and Steam point cards.

You can read Gamestop VP John Hodges’ full statement below:

“While cloud-based delivery of video games is innovative and potentially revolutionary, the gaming consumer has not yet demonstrated that it is ready to adopt this type of service to the level that a sustainable business can be created around it. We will focus our energy on selling existing services, such as PlayStation Now, through our retail channels.”

Gamestop got interested enough acquire Spawn labs, as well as Stardock’s digital division, but of course, nothing is going to come out of that now. While competition in an emerging space is generally a good thing, it seems Gamestop has decided the effort is not worth it since the infrastructure just isn’t there for it.


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