PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 1.0 test server schedule delayed

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 1.0 test server schedule delayed

PUBG were planning on launching the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds v1.0 onto the test servers this week but there’s been a problem and the launch has now been delayed.

The v1.0 test update comes with vaulting and climbing, client and server optimisation, vehicle driving changes and a ballistics overhaul. PUBG posted this following to announce the delay.

As we announced yesterday, we had an unexpected issue during internal testing. Unfortunately we’ve been unable to solve the issue just yet.

When the test servers are deployed, we will be running them for a long time and it’s crucial that they operate in a stable environment.

Therefore we feel that we have to delay the first test schedule for PC 1.0 to allow for a smooth testing of the new features and content.

We are doing our best to resolve the issue quickly and we will announce the schedules once it’s resolved. Thank you for your understanding.

Anyone waiting eagerly for this update following the scheduled maintenance will have to sit tight for now.  There’s no specifics explaining what the problem is but they did identify it two days ago so it’s probably quite serious if it’s still not resolved. With any luck, this update won’t get pushed into next week.

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