Longbow Games reveals adventure puzzler Golem

Longbow Games reveals adventure puzzler Golem

Longbow Games have revealed their upcoming adventure puzzle game Golem.

This rather beautiful looking game has a young girl and a shapeshifting golem adventuring through the ruins of an ancient tower activating dormant machines following the discovery of a glowing orb. The game is due for release on PC spring and will be on show at GDC and a first trailer has been released.

Golem Features

  • Explore and navigate through 10 expansive levels, from the caverns deep below the tower to the windswept turrets perched abo ve the surrounding desert.
  • Using the unique skills of the girl and the golem, solve the tower’s puzzles to navigate the broken ruins and re-activate its long dormant machines.
  • Help the golem evolve through five unique forms that each bring new abilities to aid the two companions on their journey.
  • Decipher the tower’s cryptic pictographs to find clues to its ancient builders and the origins of the mysterious golem

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