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18 minutes of Age of Wonders 3 footage released

Age of Wonders III

If you’re curious about how Age of Wonders 3 is going, then this new video from Triumph Studios might be of interest to you.

This particular video offers 18 minutes of a game, showing off how things work if you decide to be a Draconian Archdruid. You’ll learn which Draconian units are most like Bear Grylls, see the majesty of dragon-things riding dragon-things into battle, and discover the joys of declaring war on high elves. High elves with tanks and giant robots. Hm.

There’s obviously far too much for me to summarise, but it does show off a good amount of diplomacy, exploration, combat, empire building, and hilarious character customisation. Give it a looksee below, and look out for the Age of Wonders 3 itself later this year.