1979 Revolution: Black Friday Launches On Pc April 5

You really don’t play games about the Iranian Revolution everyday and 1979 Revolution: Black Friday takes place in exactly that unique period of time. Developer iNK Stories showed us the trailer for the game, which focuses on a variety of important information regarding gameplay and characters.

1979 Revolution: Black Friday was confirmed for an April 5 release for Windows PC and MAC and it’s good to see that this title is very close to release, since it had met some issues back in 2013 regarding its crowdfunding. The game also reminds us a bit of Telltale’s art-style, which feels pretty great since it will rely heavily on its story.

iNK Stories was co-founded by Navid Khonsari, a 5-year veteran of Rockstar Games who worked on several big projects like Grand Theft Auto.

If you feel excited about the true events and the story behind 1979 Revolution: Black Friday, you should definitely take a look at the trailer below and add this game to your wishlist. The Iranian Revolution, the Pahlavi government, Iran’s infamous Evin Prison, it really holds your interest when you read the description about the game.

You can have a more detailed insight into the scenario here.

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