1C Company have announced the latest in the Men of War series to be Condemned Heroes, which will follow one of the Soviet Union’s ‘penal battalions’ through WWII.
Penal battalions consisted of men charged with military crimes (even when that ‘crime’ was retreating from certain death without orders to do so) and given one last chance to serve in the army, rather than face a more direct death penalty. Many such units tended to be used in suicide attacks.
In Men of War: Condemned Heroes you’ll be taking command of one of these units, to lead it against all odds through the battles on the Eastern Front. The game will feature “desperate battles in 1942 in the area of Volyn in the Ukraine, to the massive operation “Bagration” in the Brest area, Magnush bridgehead and Warsaw area in Poland and finally to attacks on the German Altdam and Stettin near the end of the war”.
The title also claims it will tell the truth about penal battalions, using testimony from former members.
As yet there’s no release date and not even any screenshots, but as with previous Men of War titles, this one is likely to be PC only.
Image taken from Men of War: Assault Squad.

Paul Younger
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