Anno 2205 (Blue Byte): 3 November

Anno 2205 heads to the moon in November

Space is the place for the latest installment in Blue Byte’s Anno series. In Anno 2205, you’ll be able (eventually) to colonise the moon and mine resources there to support your cities on Earth.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (Treyarch): 6 November

Call of Duty

If I’ve understood Activision’s new three-year-dev-cycle system for Call of Duty correctly, then it’s Treyarch who’ll be handling 2015’s release. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will be this year’s offering.

Fallout 4 (Bethesda): 10 November

Fallout 4 - 16

People seem quite keen on this one. Boatloads of crafting, a Sims 4-style face creator and an immortal dog all await. Plus, you know, Fallout-y things like Nuka Cola and 1950s vinyl tunes. Hopefully they won’t try to charge us for mods, eh?

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void (Blizzard): 10 November

StarCraft 2 legacy of the void

The third and final part of StarCraft II should be appearing at some point in 2015. Blizzard has plans for a mid-year beta. This one will focus on the Protoss campaign, as well as introducing new multiplayer modes and units.

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Star Wars: Battlefront (DICE): 17 November

EA shows off five minutes of Star Wars: Battlefront

EA has actually shown some footage from Star Wars: Battlefront since we wrote this original blurb. It does, indeed, look like Battlefield painted to look like Star Wars. But that’s not a bad thing by any means. There’s going to be competitive multiplayer, co-op missions and all sorts. Even 60fps, if reports are to be believed.

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Hard West (Creative Froge Games): 18 November

Hard West ambles out of the spooky saloon in November

Hard West styles itself as a “weird” Wild West game, where traditional gunslingers meet demons, cultists and other supernatural nasties. There’s a single player tale of revenge, incorporating 40 hand-crafted, turn-based combat missions. A bit XCOM, but with more six-shooters.

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 Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate (Ubisoft): 19 November

ssassin’s Creed Syndicate

The PC release was slated for “Fall” rather than 23 October, which has turned out to mean 19 November. After the debacle of Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Ubisoft need to win back some serious trust with this Victorian London-based outing. It goes without saying that you should not pre-order it under any circumstances.

Trackmania Turbo (Nadeo): 26 November

trackmania turbo

The time-trial based racing series gets a new one in November. Four environments, in excess of 200 tracks (plus basically an infinite number if you’re good at using the level editor.) There’s even VR support if you like losing your lunch. Please god let Nadeo have killed off Maniaplanet this time.


Rise of Incarnates: Game cancelled – Closes December (See story)

Rise of Incarnates

Bandai Namco have been a bit quiet about their 2-on-2 PC brawler lately, but last we heard, it’s still being developed. Its beta was removed from Steam with word that it’d reappear when the game hit Early Access… which was due a few months ago, and was then delayed indefinitely. So, um. We’ll hopefully hear something about it relatively soon, because otherwise, this is getting put on the “left quietly to die” pile.

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 Just Cause 3 (Avalanche): 1 December

Just Cause 3

Since the terrifying rumours about Just Cause 3 being a game trapped in microtransaction hell have been debunked by Avalanche themselves, it’s okay to get excited for this game all over again. Though in truth I would pay $5.00 for a special Bolo Santosi voice pack. Anyhow, as long as it turns out vaguely like the screenshot above, all should be well.

Rainbow Six: Siege (Ubisoft): 1 December

Rainbo Six Siege

Lana Kane’s most anticipated game of 2015, if I remember my E3 conferences correctly. Having mercy-killed Rainbow Six: Patriots, Ubisoft are re-visiting the license for this team-based competitive multiplayer title. Hostage Takers vs SWAT. Walls vs Explosives. You get the general idea. Now delayed until December.

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Helldivers (Arrowhead): 7 December


HELLDIVERS is a hardcore, cooperative, twin stick shooter from the creators of Magicka. As part of the elite unit called the HELLDIVERS, players must work together to protect SUPER EARTH and defeat the enemies of mankind in an intense intergalactic war. Check itout on Steam.

Chaos Reborn (Snapshot Games): 9 December

Chaos Reborn

You’ve probably heard of Julian Gollop. He was the fellow primarily behind the original UFO: Enemy Unknown (otherwise known as XCOM.) Prior to that, he made groundbreaking ZX Spectrum titles like Rebelstar, Laser Squad and, indeed, Chaos. Currently on Early Access, so presumably due for a “full release” in 2015, Gollop’s Chaos Reborn is updating and refining the 1980s battle of wizards for a new audience.

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Roller Coaster Tycoon World (Area52 Games) : 10 December

Roller Coaster Tycoon World

The popular theme park/coaster management series is set to continue following it’s announcement for the PC last year. In this new version there’s an emphasis on multiplayer features with players being able to visit parks created by the community, the ability to share blueprints, and park creation for up to four players in a co-op mode.



The old-school turn based RPG Underrail from Slygian Software finally comes out of Early Access.

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