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Coming in 2017

Agents of Mayhem (Volition): 2017

agents of mayhem

Seoul-based open world title from the makers of Saint’s Row. May also tie-in with Saint’s Row in some minor ways. Mostly, though, it’s about MAYHEM (Multinational Agency for Hunting Evil Masterminds) battling LEGION (League of Evil Gentlemen Intent on Obliterating Nations) for the soul/Seoul of the Earth.

Barkley 2, AKA The Magical Realms of Tír na nÓg: Escape from Necron 7 – Revenge of Cuchulainn: The Official Game of the Movie – Chapter 2 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa (Tales of Game’s): 2017

Barkley 2 teaser trailer is everything you could wish for, plus Al Bhed


Church in the Darkness (Paranoid Production): 2017

Church in the Darkness

Church in the Darkness takes you into the world of a 70s cult movement. The game’s story involves searching for your nephew in the isolated confines of Freedom Town, a settlement established by Rebecca and Issac Walker deep in the South American jungle.

Playing as former law enforcement officer Vic, the settlement has to be infiltrated and investigates. Each time the game is played, the outcome can be different depending on the actions taken and how NPCs are interacted with.

Read more about Church in the Darkness

Crackdown 3 (Reagent Games): 2017 – Windows 10 only


Not mentioned during Microsoft’s E3 2016 show, but confirmed afterwards, Crackdown 3 will be another title appearing on PC as a Windows 10 exclusive.

Dawn of War 3 (Relic): 2017

Dawn of War 3 announced, coming 2017

Orks, Eldar and Space Marines will battle for further supremacy of the Warhammer 40K universe in this much-anticipated RTS sequel.

Dead Island 2 (Formerly Yager, now Sumo Digital): 2017?

Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 was originally being developed by Spec Ops: The Line studio Yager; which could’ve been interesting. However, after being delayed to 2016, Yager were dropped from the project. After going a while with no developer, Sumo Digital were announced to be working on it. I think that’s what is known as “troubled development”. Still, it hasn’t officially been cancelled yet, so we’ll keep it around in 2017.

Read more about Dead Island 2

Death’s Gambit (White Rabbit): 2017

Steam Steam

deaths gambit

Described as a “challenging ARPG”, you’ll have to explore an alien medieval planet filled with beasts, knights, and horrors as an agent of Death. Now due in 2017.

ECHO (Ultra Ultra): 2017


An adaptive AI will use clones to react to your actions in this third-person sci-fi title.

Escape from Tarkov (BattleState): 2017


Escape from Tarkov

In the game players are thrown into a Russian city that has been “sunk into anarchy” and it looks seriously moody. The idea is to escape the city of Tarkov by overcoming the harsh city environments and challenges. The game also features character customisation with over 100 skills which is where the RPG elements come into play. The game will also include an AI controlled economy which can be influenced by players so expect to come across all kinds of useful objects. Going into closed alpha in August 2016, so we’re probably not seeing this before 2017.

Read more about Escape from Tarkov

Frostpunk (11 bit studios): 2017

Frostpunk announced by 11 bit studios

Based in a world of perpetual frost where humanity uses steam technology, this upcoming title from the This War of Mine devs poses philosophical questions about how survival can change us.

Full Throttle Remastered (DoubleFine): 2017

full throttle

As with prior announcements of this type (the released Grim Fandango Remastered and upcoming Day of the Tentacle Remastered), the game is coming to PC as well. That hasn’t been outright stated yet, but the Full Throttle Remastered reveal used the “console exclusive to PS4” terminology which means “yes, this one will be on PC as well”.

Gigantic (Motiga): 2017


James Phinney of Guild Wars fame is back in action with his new studio, and although Gigantic might look like just another MOBA, it changes things up a bit with the inclusion of huge monsters which the teams need to protect. Delays and funding problems looked like they may have sunk Gigantic, but the game was recently (May 2016) picked up by Perfect World. A tentative 2017 release estimate from us, then.

Read more about Gigantic

Gwent (CD Projekt Red): 2017


CD Projekt Red have noticed the 800 million hours players spent playing Gwent in The Witcher 3, and decided to do the right thing. Stand-alone Gwent (with some rejigged and enhanced rules) is getting a closed beta in September 2016, so a 2017 release seems reasonable.

Hellraid (Techland): 2017?

Steam Steam


Anyone who remembers the classic Hexen games (or maybe Dark Messiah) should feel right at home with Hellraid; a game which is promising co-op hack’n’slash fantasy action. Techland delayed this one in 2014 to rebuild it on their new, in-house engine. The game has since been put “on hold” as of May 2015, so it sounds like it could be quite some time before we see more of this.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Warhorse Studios): 2017

Kingdom Come

Currently running a beta, but confirmed to now be coming in 2017. Still, it’s likely that people with that early build will continue to see updates up to release for this medieval-themed RPG. A fairly sizable earner on Kickstarter, Kingdom Come is going for period accuracy, first-person melee combat and classless character progression. Sounds (loosely) like Mount & Blade, which is not a bad point of reference by any means.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite (Capcom): 2017

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite and MvC3 coming to PC in 2017

The latest Marvel vs Capcom title will be coming to PC in 2017. At last, your chance to see Iron Man punch Mega Man in the face (or the other way around).

Nidhogg 2 (Messhof): 2017

Nidhogg 2 revealed, coming in 2017

The competitive sword-play title returns with new moves, new arenas, and a new art style.

Pit People (The Behemoth): 2017


Pit people

Battleblock Theater and Castle Crashers have done awfully well for Behemoth and Pit People is their new “fast-paced turn-based, co-op adventure” which they describe as a “strategy game of positioning”. We all remember how long Battleblock Theater took to get finished, so let’s just go ahead and put this in 2017 for now.

Planet Nomads (Craneballs): 2017


Planet Nomads is a sci-fi sandbox survival game Kickstarting in January

InPlanet Nomads players crash land on an alien planet and will be challenged to survive and create vehicles with the end-game to build a ship for inter-planetary travel. It’s a procedurally generated sand-box experience where exploration is key but that’s only going to be possible through building and creating modes of transport.

Read more about planet Nomads

Project Sonic 2017 (SEGA): Holiday 2017


That’s probably not going to end up as its real name. Looks kind of like a follow-up to Sonic Generations at this stage (one trailer), but it’s quite early to tell.

Quake Champions (id Software): 2017

Quake Champions

After DOOM went down pretty well, what’s left of id Software are trying their hand at a new Quake. They’re promising to stay true to the speed of the original, and made positive noises about uncapped 120hz frame-rates and the like. However, Quake Champions will also have unique heroes in the modern way that all multiplayer shooters do. Is this a winning match? We’ll see.

Rain World (Videocult): 2017


rain world

In this strange looking survival platformer you play a Slugcat and have to survive the cycle of hibernation in a world crushed by rain. It sounds weird and certainly looks weird. Both positive aspects.

Scalebound (Platinum): 2017 – Windows 10 only


Announced for PC at E3 2016, it’s another Windows 10 exclusive. It’s an action-centric RPG in which you play an annoying guy called Drew who never shuts up, and are accompanied by his pleasingly stoic dragon Thuban.

Star Control: Origins (Stardock): 2017 (second half)


The first Star Control game since Stardock purchased the name rights from Atari. This prequel will follow a similar action-adventure structure to the prior games, with galaxies to explore, aliens to meet, and weirdness to encounter.

State of Decay 2 (Undead Labs): 2017 – Windows 10 only

state of decay 2

Undead Labs’ popular open world zombies-and-antsy-survivors title is getting a sequel. The good news is this one adds four player co-op. The bad news is it’ll be Windows 10 only on PC.

System Shock (Nightdive): 2017


Nightdive will be “rebooting and re-imagining” the great System Shock in late 2017. Most of the additions appear cosmetic or functional in nature (modern graphics, mouse controls), level design seems like it will largely remain unaltered.

Tacoma (Fullbright): 2017


Fullbright announce Tacoma, space meets art deco

The game named after Washington State’s most famous urban port is going to be a “story exploration video game set 200,000 miles from Earth”. It’s by the creators of Gone Home so maybe expect the denizens of the Tacoma space station to be into really trendy music.

Tekken 7 (Bandai Namco): 2017

Tekken 7 punching to PC in 2017

I know little about Tekken 7 at this stage, other than it’s the latest in the long-running fighting game series, it’s using Unreal Engine 4, and it’s coming to the PC in 2017.


Star Citizen (Cloud Imperium): Lost In Space


Star Citizen

The much talked about epic PC space game from Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium. We’ve shoved it into development limbo because the way things are going we have no idea when the game will actually be complete.

Read more about Star: Citizen

Note that the PC game release date list is updated throughout the year as often as possible. If you spot a new release date we need to add or change let us know in the comments.

Update:  The New 2017 – 2018 release date list is now live!

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